Friday, January 3, 2014

Whole 30 Challenge

I have made it halfway to my goal of exclusively feeding my baby boy at the breast with supplementation via a homemade SNS.

The only thing left to do in order to boost my milk supply is to completely change ny eating habits. This has been a LONG TIME COMING, like 15 years. Since I am so close to exclusively breastfeeding (only 6 ounces shy) dieting is a bad idea and major working out is somewhat controversal, Whole 30 is the plan for me.

For those unfamiliar with W30, it is based on eating whole, nutient-dense foods that promote stable blood sugars, and optimal hormal function.

If you prefer pessimism, it's the strictest form of paleo.
No Legumes (adios frijoles negros)
No Dairy (poor Wisconsin gal)
No Grains (are you kidding me?!?)
No Sugar (ouch)
No fun (I added that)

I am VERY excited about it becauseit basically eliminates all major players that adversely affect my health and ability to produce milk.

I am expecting a tough month, day 6 is my first day back at work. My anniversary is next week. I am leading a workshop at a women's (aka chocolate) conference.

I am also expecting more energy, less aches (inflamnation), better skin and weight loss. I don't know if I expect abetter milk supply, but I know it's my best shot.

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