Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sugar-Free Lent

My husband and I are going sugar-free for Lent.  Considering all the mexican wedding cookies, pints of Kopps and Girl-Scout cookies around our apartment, this will be quite the spiritual discipline.  I think it will give our bodies a lovely rest from the work of processing dangerous, refined sugars.

We are keeping the "rules" very simple.  No sugar, nothing with sugar in the first four ingredients.  I was trying to figure out a meal plan, and I didn't come up with one.  Since I have a history of PCOS (related to insulin resistance) I want to still keep my carbs in balance and nutrient dense.

I  don't know how scientifically accurate my decisioin is, but here was my grocery plan.  Use the "vegetarian food pyramid" to determine ideal quantities of food groups.  Then I determined portion sizes for each person in our family to get a good guess at how much of everything we should buy.  Thus, I have created daily eating goals for each of us.  Here they are:

6 servings of whole-grain rice, cereals, breads and pastas.  I compromise here by allowing white arborio rice (yum) and semolina penne.  I can't make my husband go that extreme.

1 Serving of fresh fruits: we bought apples, oranges and bananas
1 serving of dried fruits: dried cherries and papaya

2 servings of fresh veggies:carrots,peppers, cucumber, avocado, green beans (beans were canned and on sale)
1-2 servings of leafy greens: kale, some lettuce (longer than boston, shorter than romaine)

2-3 servings of dairy, 2% milk, greek yogurt and farmer cheese.

1 serving of nuts or seeds: we have almonds and flax seeds on hand, so I didn't buy anything

2-3 servings of proteins: we aren't vegetarians so I bought turkey slices, ground chicken and chicken breast.  We have lots of quinoa and lentils at home.

1 -3 tsp of oil: yeah, I forgot to buy EVOO, but we still have coconut on hand.

1 vitamin (we already have these and little baby take D3 every day)

Total Co-op cost $135 everything organic except: milk and possibly the cheese. 

I am excited for this change and am curious to see how we do with our groceries, how long it lasts, if we have easy meals or end up with complicated ones.  I am also looking forward to having some popcorn.  Yum!

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